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Gavin Atlas
Danielle Austen
J. P. Beausejour
P.K. Belden
Tina Bell
Jove Belle
Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore
Ronica Black
Candace Blevins
Primula Bond
Lionel Bramble
A. J. Bray
Samantha Brook
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Angraecus Daniels
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Susan DiPlacido
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Hypnotic Dreams
Amanda Earl
Hank Edwards
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Madelynne Ellis
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Aurelia T. Evans
Lucy Felthouse
Jesse Fox
I. G. Frederick
Simone Freier
Louis Friend
Polly Frost
William Gaius
Bob Genz
Shanna Germain
J. J. Giles
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Sacchi Green
Ernest Greene
Tamzin Hall
R. E. Hargrave
P. S. Haven
Trebor Healey
Vicki Hendricks
Scott Alexander Hess
Richard Higgins
Julie Hilden
E. M. Hillwood
Amber Hipple
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Senta Holland
David Holly
Michelle Houston
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First ExperienceFirst Experience
By: Simone Freier
OTK Publications
ISBN: 942054033
July 2014

Reviewed By: Ashley Lister

I enjoyed this book.  I thought the author managed to capture a good sense of the erotic and convey the essential aspects of sexual excitement with some stylish aplomb.

I stood up and walked around behind Kelly, with the paddle in my hand. Kelly kept her eyes straight, and I don’t think she noticed the slight, but growing, bulge in my pants. I stepped around to Kelly’s left side, and placed the paddle gently on her left butt cheek that was covered by the thin fabric of her underwear.

I said loudly, “Are you ready?”

Kelly immediately replied, “Yes, Sir!”

Without further ado, I brought the paddle back, and swung it into Kelly’s bottom, snapping my wrist at the end, and delivering a much stronger blow than I had intended. In one moment, a loud ‘SMACK!’ exploded in the room, and I watched Kelly’s pantied buttocks ripple in waves, as she moved forward slightly, and screamed, shocked by the intensity of the swat.

Admittedly, there were aspects I didn’t like.  There were some editorial lapses in tense and punctuation that I found irritating.  There were also passages of dialogue that were dull to the point of being tedious.  But, overall, I thought this was a fun and well-realised story.

I laughed, “OK, Kelly. I’m not going to be too harsh on you now, but I certainly will be, if you require corrective punishment. Now, if you choose an extra swat, you can decide to take it immediately, or after you have earned another 10 points – so I would give you a hard swat on each side. If you choose a shot, you may chose to take it immediately, or take it during your corner time.

As an example, in the extreme case I just mentioned, you would get a 4 cc shot … or maybe a 2cc shot on each side (at my discretion), and then your paddling would continue. If you decide to delay all the shots until your corner time, I will decide how many shots it will take to inject the number of cc’s you have earned. Finally, I will not give you more than 12 cc of injections during this level- 10, so if you keep misbehaving, you might end-up getting additional swats, if you have already earned your limit in shots. I know all this sounds complicated, but it’s going to be easy, after we get started. If you stay in position, you won’t require any corrective punishment. I think we would both prefer that.”

Kelly quickly chimed in, “Yes Sir!!”

The premise is simple and familiar to readers of much contemporary erotica.  Sam is a mature gentleman and the narrator of this story.  He develops an unconventional relationship with an attractive younger woman.  Their relationship develops over the course of the story and the pair explore the possibilities of various exciting sexual fantasies that involve the typical tropes of domination and submission or power-play. 

“Kelly! What a coincidence to see you here. You remember, this is Linda’s birthday!”

Kelly was flustered for a moment, and then remembered, “Oh! Happy birthday, Linda! I had forgotten it was tonight. Well, I told you that I had other plans.”

The two girls looked at Kelly strangely, then at me, and back at Kelly. Kelly jumped in, “I’m sorry, this is Sam – he’s an old family friend, and a researcher; he has offered to help with some career guidance.” I just couldn’t resist: I tapped the second button on the remote – very briefly, but the effect was immediate. Kelly nearly howled, and her friends looked at each other, and then back to her. Kelly coughed, and said, “Sam, this is Linda and Julie – we all went to high school together.”

I said, “Pleased to meet you! Kelly has been telling me a bit about her ‘wilder’ days.” Kelly coughed again, and I tapped the #1 button on the remote, and Kelly squirmed: A true ‘tit for tat’.

Again, Linda and Julie looked at each other, now with a bit of concern on their faces. Julie said, “I hope she didn’t tell you too much!” Kelly looked uncomfortable.
I felt compelled to continue, “Well, she did mention Linda’s birthday, but not that you guys would be here.

Would you like to join us for dessert? Then, maybe, I should give Linda her birthday spanking?” All eyes were suddenly on me.

“Excuse me?” Linda said, with more of a laugh in her voice than a serious tone. Kelly just closed her eyes and shook her head.

Freier has a good sense of what is erotic and what works to convey excitement in the delicate balance between consensual, submissive and domination. Although I’d argue that the editorial team could have worked harder to polish this manuscript before it went out to publication, I’d still say this is definitely worth the read.

Forbidden Fruit: Stories of Unwise Lesbian DesireForbidden Fruit: Stories of Unwise Lesbian Desire
Edited By: Cheyenne Blue
Ladylit Publishing
ISBN: 9881363705
September 2014

Reviewed By: Kathleen Bradean

Ooh, I’m practically giddy! I must have been one very good girl this year, because I got to read, back-to-back, two excellent anthologies of lesbian erotica. Or I’m just incredibly lucky, but the best part is that you, too, may share in this luck by buying these anthologies. (BLE 15 from last month and Forbidden Fruit this month) This is the time of year when naughty and nice get batted around a lot, so it’s fitting that these tales of “Unwise” erotic encounters should end up in your stockings, or whatever you wear to entice your gift-giving amour.

From page one, there is so much to love about this anthology. Rebecca Lynn Fullan’s “Our Woman” starts it off with an amazing near-future dystopian tale that Margaret Atwood would have been proud to pen. The depth of the world she evokes shows true craftsmanship. It isn’t easy to put that much story into a tale of this length but keep it… well, light isn’t the right word, but sparse isn’t either.  Maybe deft fits it. It definitely take a deft touch when writing about sex with a slave. Consent can be a warped idea when you’re talking about actually owning another person, but it’s clear here that it isn’t that sort of situation.

There are so many forbidden fantasies to touch on. The daughter of your first crush, a student, poaching a more experienced lover right under her girlfriend’s nose, or the mother of your former lover. These all get a treatment in this anthology.
The girl doesn’t always have to be bad for a tryst to be a mistake, but Jean Roberta shows how sexy a truly bad, bad person can be in her story “Shelter.”  When a former classmate shows up out of the blue—and freshly out of prison—at her door, a sensible woman cautiously goes wild for a few hours. And speaking of bad girls, you know anyone named Miss Scarlett (“The Further Adventures of Miss Scarlett” by Emily L. Byrne) is going to be wicked. A cop senses something isn’t right about the woman in red leading her on a chase, but by the time it clicks that she’s a thief wanted around the world, the cop is in no shape to pursue the matter.

 If you like historical fiction, “The Clinton County Horse Thief Society” by Axa Lee might appeal. Now that the men are all gone to war, a young woman takes up her father’s job of tracking down horse thieves. People might talk that she’s brought back the horse but not the thief the past few times, but she doesn’t care. The horse thief is her guilty pleasure. Until she finds out the thief has double-crossed her. Bad might be tempting, but no young woman who hunts down horse thieves is going to be stupid. (This may not be what the writer intended, but because the publisher is based in Australia, I enjoyed the idea of this being set there rather than in the US.)

This anthology was a delight to read. It has many well-written stories that will appeal to many different interests. The theme is good with imaginative takes on what it means by the talented contributors.  I strongly recommend this.

To Serve is DivineTo Serve is Divine
By: R. E. Hargrave
ISBN: 1492367109
October 2013

Reviewed By: Lisabet Sarai

A lonely submissive waits in line outside Dungeons & Dreams, an exclusive BDSM club that holds “no membership required” nights only once a month. Erin’s nipples are clamped under her blouse. Her pussy is bare under her brief skirt. New in town, she has moved to Texas from California to escape her harrowing past. Since arriving, she has tried to suppress her need to be dominated, without success. Tonight she hopes she’ll be granted admission to the club, to scratch that itch she can’t ignore.

An olive-complexioned, dark-haired, breathtakingly handsome man passes her on his way into the club. Their eyes meet, before Erin remembers that her role requires her to keep her glance lowered. He speaks to the doorman, and moments later, she’s escorted into the club, into the realm of Master Jayden.

Jayden has been frustrated in his attempts to find a sub who’ll willingly endure the pain he longs to inflict. He’s so difficult to satisfy that his Dom friends tease him about his unrealistic expectations. When he encounters Erin, or Catherine as she calls herself when she’s in scene, he can’t believe his good fortune. She seems to have everything he’s been seeking: beauty, intelligence, excellent training, a natural love of kink and a true desire to serve. She even cooks. (I am not kidding.) In record time, they’ve concluded a contract and Erin is wearing his collar. Their formal agreement covers all the details: soft and hard limits; safe words; requirements for Erin to eat healthy foods, exercise regularly, and get monthly checkups. Furthermore it stipulates that their relationship is fundamentally sexual. Any sort of bondage is allowed, but no emotional strings.

Of course, Erin quickly falls in love with her powerful, skilled, considerate and highly appreciative master. Being a guy, Jayden pretends for much longer that his feelings for Erin aren’t anything more than just those of a responsible Dom. Eventually, he’s forced to admit he loves her, that he wants more than just a power exchange relationship.

Thus ends book one of The Divine Trilogy, at 422 pages. Two more books wait in the wings.

If this story sounds familiar to you – well, you’re not alone. I suspect there are hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of erotic romance novels with this same basic plot. And yes, this book definitely falls into the category of romance. It’s not erotica. The author’s main concern is the developing relationship between Erin and Jayden. The sex is explicit but muted. The kink is mild, with little real pain despite Jayden’s self-described sadistic needs, but rather, with a focus on the submissive’s pleasure.

Here’s a fairly typical  snippet:

“Stand,” Sir ordered.

Catherine complied and her dress slipped from her body to gather around her feet in a shimmering scarlet puddle. She could feel his gaze devouring her almost translucent body and she shuddered. His touch was gentle when he leaned forward and took her ankle in his hand, lifting first one foot, and then the other before moving the dress out of the way. Sir’s fingers trailed up her legs until he was near her sex. Teasing her at that point they traveled outward – rather than upward – around her hips to cup her ass. With a tight squeeze, he pulled her forward until Catherine could feel his hot breath on her freshly-shaved pussy.

Oh, please. Please lick me, Catherine thought.

His tongue flickered out and parted her labia, taking a languid lick. He growled out, “Fuck, you taste good, slut.”

Catherine felt her nipples tighten and her pussy become wetter.

“You will not come without permission, Catherine,” he instructed.

The familiar reminder was unnecessary, but helpful to transport her deeper into that space in her head she longed to go. The command threw open the door to her submissive self.

In general, we eschew reviewing erotic romance at Erotica Revealed, because there are many other review sites for that genre, while there are few if any for erotica. Sometimes, though, a book slips by. In the case of To Serve is Divine, we probably should have read the “praise” from R.E. Hargrave’s fellow author J.C. Clarke at the start of the book before agreeing to review it:  “It was so refreshing to see that an author has taken the time to research this genre carefully before putting pen to paper and not just thrown porn into the written form... If you are new to the lifestyle or have read a lot of `smut' out there, I urge you to give this a go.”

A book that so carefully distinguishes itself from “porn” and “smut” probably doesn’t belong at Erotica Revealed.

So, did I hate To Serve is Divine? Actually, no. Despite its predictability, its rather shallow characters and the moderately frequent editing gaffes, I rather enjoyed it. A sub myself, I found it pretty easy to identify with Erin, especially with her pride when her master praises her for her self-discipline and obedience. There is a deep pleasure in serving, which this novel successfully conveys. I liked the emphasis on safety and consensuality in the kink community – and the sense of community in general. The book provides a much more accurate picture of mainstream BDSM practices than FSOG. The novel also draws a clear line between kink and abuse such as Erin experienced at the hands of her previous “master,” Spencer. It shows how the trust required by a BDSM relationship can have a healing effect.

While I didn’t find most of the sex scenes very arousing, they weren’t ridiculous or offensive. There’s one scene near the end of the novel, when Jayden offers the use of Erin to a Dominatrix friend, that pushed my buttons to some extent.

As the excerpt above illustrates, Hargrave’s prose doesn’t really merit the description “literary”, but at least it’s comprehensible most of the time. (I do wonder how Erin’s body became “almost translucent,” though.) It doesn’t get in the way of the story (such as it is).

In short, if you’re looking for a typical BDSM erotic romance, you don’t care much about originality, and you aren’t going to wince when an author names her Dom (without intentional irony) “Jayden Masterson”, you might enjoy this book.

I suspect that many visitors to Erotica Revealed, however, might find it too hackneyed and too tame for their tastes.

By: Annabeth Leong
Sweetmeats Press
ISBN: 190918179X
September 2014

Reviewed By: Sacchi Green

In Untouched, Annabeth Leong may have written the hottest book you’ve ever read, with the height of sexual tension, at least for those who can appreciate the pleasures of the female body being vividly presented by a female viewpoint. There are male-centered pleasures, too, but the central character Celia is always the one who observes, describes, and usually inspires the hot and heavy scenes that make up pretty much the whole book. Celia is always in control of the narrative, even though much of the story is driven by her feelings of self-doubt and lack of control.

As the title indicates, touch is at the core of the story. Celia can’t bear to be touched, except by herself, even though she’s intensely turned on by being watched as she expertly and creatively pleasures herself. Her panic at the thought of being touched by any living thing, even grass, might be thought of as pathological, but as the story progresses the central point becomes her passionate desire to be accepted just as she is, to be admired and desired for what she can offer, without a lover pressing her for more or being disappointed by what she can’t offer.

A woman in a nearly constant state of arousal could seem like a ploy in a cheap porn film. Celia goes about, even at work, with sex toys imbedded where they’ll provide the most stimulation, and she allows (with insincere protests) a former and quite naturally frustrated lover to post photos online of her in every possible phase of masturbation. But there’s a great deal more than that going on in this book. Celia has been shamed and hurt and made to feel guilty and worthless because of her inability to be “normal,” and her journey to accept herself as well as to find acceptance is the central theme of the story.

Celia craves love and connection on her own terms, and finds these things to some extent with Eli, who responds to her detailed classified ad. But that’s only the beginning. With Eli, Celia gains insights, and a degree of confidence, and eventually a sense of connection so close to actual touching that she can sense the heat of the body that she can’t quite touch.

Two scenes at private sex parties are high points, first when Celia is masturbating with an audience and Eli, being fucked by several women at once, is looking only at Celia. “There was no doubt in Celia’s mind that she and Eli were connected. They were fucking each other right now, even if most people wouldn’t have realized that. It was obvious to her in every line of his face, in the way he couldn’t take his eyes off her. She knew that her gaze made this moment possible for him, just as his did for her.”

At the second party, Celia gives such a bravura solo performance that her voyeurs are awestruck, and women beg her to tell them how she achieves such stupendous orgasms. Her confidence grows, and in another encounter, when she and Eli pick up an appealing woman in a bar and Celia gets to direct the other two through a night of steamy sex, she realizes the powerful effect of being in control. All these things bring her closer to being able to overcome her fears, but they don’t change her deep-rooted need to be accepted for the way she is without any expectation of change.

Celia is appealing enough that I rooted for her to get exactly what she wanted, even while I couldn’t suppress a feeling that it wouldn’t really be good for her. Her story is pretty clearly intended to be symbolic of anyone’s divergence from the norms enforced by our culture, the pain they feel at being despised, and their longing to be able to go their own way without pressure to change.    

Another character weaves in and out of the story, Marie, Celia’s former almost-lover. Near the beginning she appears to play the role of the villain, and later developments confuse the issue. Toward the end an extended dialog of what could be termed “processing” slows the flow of the narrative, in contrast to the otherwise well-written prose, but that may just be a matter of my own perception.

All this doesn’t do justice to the complexity of Untouched, so you’ll have to search out the subtler aspects for yourself, but you can be sure that the explicit, inventive, no-holds-barred sex will make it a stimulating journey of discovery.