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Redemption for the HypnotistRedemption for the Hypnotist
By: Hypnotic Dreams
Hypnotic Dreams
October 2011

Reviewed By: Jean Roberta

Have you ever been seduced by suggestive words? Have commands been implanted in your subconscious mind by one who knows how to bypass your conscious fears and doubts? Would you like to have this effect on someone else? As the author of this novel explains in an epilogue:

Although pop culture mostly portrays hypnosis as a way for a villain to control innocent victims, people have found a staggering variety of ways that hypnosis can enhance sexual pleasures, including reducing inhibitions, increasing arousal, amplifying orgasms, and of course, engaging in erotic power exchanges.

The hero of this saga is a mild-mannered former professor at the University of Arizona whose career and reputation were both destroyed when a female student wrongly accused him of sexually harassing her; to avoid “taking sides” in an apparently unprovable case, the administration expelled them both. Dr. Darren Braid was then ripe for recruitment by the FBI to investigate a recording company which seems to be involved in the disappearance of a stream of attractive young women. Are they being brainwashed or kidnapped and sold as sex slaves? Only someone on the inside can find out the truth.

Darren writes and records erotic stories intended to hypnotize women into states of arousal and (in some cases) into subspace, an intense desire to submit. Enter Lamarr and Tony, two sinister black men at the head of Luv Bandit Music. They are interested in trying out Darren’s recordings on a “focus group” of bodacious babes.

What follows is a thriller in which the investigators try to outwit the bad guys, and vice versa. Darren finds himself hopelessly attracted to a shapely and competent studio manager, a light-skinned black (or African-American) woman named Latoya (groan).
Can he afford to trust her? Meanwhile, a hot-blooded Latina named Marisa undergoes a drastic change of personality when she “goes under” and seems likely to remain lost in her role.

The action never stops as Darren and Latoya embark on a dating relationship featuring hot but frequently interrupted sex as they are each called away by the demands of their jobs. Latoya is clearly no fool or easy victim. When Daren learns that her sister went missing, he wonders if Latoya could possibly be part of a slave training operation or if she too is looking for answers.

Darren is out of his depth at the launch party for a new hip-hop artist, but his quiet charm and the effectiveness of his recorded stories never fail to impress everyone around him. In fact, Darren seems to be a Gary Stu: a larger-than-life version of the author.

In a brief bio, “Hypnotic Dreams” explains:

My name is Daniel. I’ve been an amateur hypnotist since the 1990s. I write, voice and produce hypnotic/erotic audio stories for women. The recordings mentioned in this book’s first chapter, Hypnotically Seduced and Obedient Desire, are just two of the erotic hypnosis recordings I have produced for women. I have also written and produced a few femdom hypnosis recordings for men. All are available from my web site www.hypnoticdreams. A select number of my recordings are also available at Amazon.

This novel is thus shown to be a marketing tool as well as one of the author’s products.

Suspense is an important part of the plot of this novel, and I wouldn’t want to give away any revelations. Suffice it to say that the slave-trading operation is real, and Darren the hypnotist redeems himself by being in the right place at the right time.

Like a predictable Hollywood movie, this fairly short e-book features ethnic stereotyping, mindless bimbos, petty thugs working for a smarter, more ruthless thug, and U.S. government intelligence that lives up to its name. It’s an entertaining fantasy, and the writing style is smooth enough not to break the spell.

This book is just the right length to read on a plane flight of a few hours. If you’re a male traveller sitting next to a hot babe, however, don’t read it aloud to persuade her to take off her clothes.