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The Order of the Golden RoseThe Order of the Golden Rose
By: R. Paul Sardanas
Passion in Print Press
ISBN: 1608201821
July 2010

Reviewed By: Ashley Lister

I have to be honest and admit I hadn’t encountered R Paul Sardanas’s work before.  However, after reading this title, I’ve got to hold my hand up and say I’m hooked.  The story was intriguing; the characters were well-developed and fully rounded; and the erotica sizzled. 

The Order of the Golden Rose is the story of Siobahn Bishop’s investigation into the authenticity of a copy of The Rose Missal

She gasped as a sensual tingle ran through her. A normal beginning. The sensations took root in just that way even when she had no specific purpose other than to pleasure herself with energy masturbation. Activating those energy points in and above her body always got her hot.

It brought a smile to her lips. If only people realized how absurd drink, drugs or porno were, with power like this resting inside each and every one of us.

Letting her muscles slacken, she allowed herself to become limp. Her pussy had become wet already. A phantom lover might well have been caressing her there, taking her with fingers and tongue. She moaned a little, the luxurious heat spreading through her.

The rose. Never was there a more apt euphemism. The lips of her vagina opened and spread like petals in the sun.

The set up for the story is wonderfully simple.  Olivia Dorrian comes into possession of a rare book on Sex Magic.  Olivia, with her acquisitive, mercenary and somewhat selfish personality, is probably not the right person to own such a title.  But that aspect of the story unfolds as the whole tale develops.

Determined to find out more about her acquisition, Olivia takes the book to Siobahn Bishop for authentication.  And, because she is an expert in these matters, Siobahn is able to cast some light on the title.  Siobahn is ideally placed to research this title. An antiquarian and an occultist, she is familiar with Sex Magic in its many guises and understands the importance of the Rose Missal.  More importantly, Siobahn has heard of the Order of the Golden Rose.

The Order of the Golden Rose is a secret society.  The society is so secret it’s never been fully established whether it’s a depraved cult for the literati and the intelligentsia, or a serious religious movement.  Early indications at the start of the story suggest the depraved cult.  I won’t spoil the story’s development but I will say: once I’ve written this review, I’m going to see if I can enroll.

This is from an early scene where Siobahn gets a better understanding of what goes on behind the Order of the Golden Rose’s closed doors:

Small tables dotted the perimeter of the dance floor, with even more overt passion displayed there. Two women, both in short, revealing party dresses, kissed languorously, each with a hand between the other’s legs, not caring in the slightest that anyone watched the movement of their fingers inserted deep inside one another’s sex. One of the women arched her head back, breaking the kiss, but only so she could cry out with what must have been a delicious orgasm. Strange in the way that the cacophony of the club made the cry of ecstasy seem silent. Still, Siobhan found the illusory silence beautiful, like sex made into a painting. In the next moment, the woman’s partner also opened her mouth wide in a climax. Juliette, Siobhan felt sure, would by now have settled in some corner to sample similar uninhibited pleasures of her own.

It’s a pleasure to know that Siobahn’s adventures continue in The Blood Jaguar.  R. Paul Sardanas is a competent author who has created an enchanting blend of magic and contemporary realism that make for a thrilling combination. 

This is the Da Vinci Code with an erection: an intriguing story filled with rich characters, a well-constructed plot, and the perfect balance of excitement, erotica and everything else.   For those who enjoy a well-told story with an innovative approach to erotica, The Order of the Golden Rose is a have-to-have title.