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First ExperienceFirst Experience
By: Simone Freier
OTK Publications
ISBN: 942054033
July 2014

Reviewed By: Ashley Lister

I enjoyed this book.  I thought the author managed to capture a good sense of the erotic and convey the essential aspects of sexual excitement with some stylish aplomb.

I stood up and walked around behind Kelly, with the paddle in my hand. Kelly kept her eyes straight, and I don’t think she noticed the slight, but growing, bulge in my pants. I stepped around to Kelly’s left side, and placed the paddle gently on her left butt cheek that was covered by the thin fabric of her underwear.

I said loudly, “Are you ready?”

Kelly immediately replied, “Yes, Sir!”

Without further ado, I brought the paddle back, and swung it into Kelly’s bottom, snapping my wrist at the end, and delivering a much stronger blow than I had intended. In one moment, a loud ‘SMACK!’ exploded in the room, and I watched Kelly’s pantied buttocks ripple in waves, as she moved forward slightly, and screamed, shocked by the intensity of the swat.

Admittedly, there were aspects I didn’t like.  There were some editorial lapses in tense and punctuation that I found irritating.  There were also passages of dialogue that were dull to the point of being tedious.  But, overall, I thought this was a fun and well-realised story.

I laughed, “OK, Kelly. I’m not going to be too harsh on you now, but I certainly will be, if you require corrective punishment. Now, if you choose an extra swat, you can decide to take it immediately, or after you have earned another 10 points – so I would give you a hard swat on each side. If you choose a shot, you may chose to take it immediately, or take it during your corner time.

As an example, in the extreme case I just mentioned, you would get a 4 cc shot … or maybe a 2cc shot on each side (at my discretion), and then your paddling would continue. If you decide to delay all the shots until your corner time, I will decide how many shots it will take to inject the number of cc’s you have earned. Finally, I will not give you more than 12 cc of injections during this level- 10, so if you keep misbehaving, you might end-up getting additional swats, if you have already earned your limit in shots. I know all this sounds complicated, but it’s going to be easy, after we get started. If you stay in position, you won’t require any corrective punishment. I think we would both prefer that.”

Kelly quickly chimed in, “Yes Sir!!”

The premise is simple and familiar to readers of much contemporary erotica.  Sam is a mature gentleman and the narrator of this story.  He develops an unconventional relationship with an attractive younger woman.  Their relationship develops over the course of the story and the pair explore the possibilities of various exciting sexual fantasies that involve the typical tropes of domination and submission or power-play. 

“Kelly! What a coincidence to see you here. You remember, this is Linda’s birthday!”

Kelly was flustered for a moment, and then remembered, “Oh! Happy birthday, Linda! I had forgotten it was tonight. Well, I told you that I had other plans.”

The two girls looked at Kelly strangely, then at me, and back at Kelly. Kelly jumped in, “I’m sorry, this is Sam – he’s an old family friend, and a researcher; he has offered to help with some career guidance.” I just couldn’t resist: I tapped the second button on the remote – very briefly, but the effect was immediate. Kelly nearly howled, and her friends looked at each other, and then back to her. Kelly coughed, and said, “Sam, this is Linda and Julie – we all went to high school together.”

I said, “Pleased to meet you! Kelly has been telling me a bit about her ‘wilder’ days.” Kelly coughed again, and I tapped the #1 button on the remote, and Kelly squirmed: A true ‘tit for tat’.

Again, Linda and Julie looked at each other, now with a bit of concern on their faces. Julie said, “I hope she didn’t tell you too much!” Kelly looked uncomfortable.
I felt compelled to continue, “Well, she did mention Linda’s birthday, but not that you guys would be here.

Would you like to join us for dessert? Then, maybe, I should give Linda her birthday spanking?” All eyes were suddenly on me.

“Excuse me?” Linda said, with more of a laugh in her voice than a serious tone. Kelly just closed her eyes and shook her head.

Freier has a good sense of what is erotic and what works to convey excitement in the delicate balance between consensual, submissive and domination. Although I’d argue that the editorial team could have worked harder to polish this manuscript before it went out to publication, I’d still say this is definitely worth the read.